Industrial spray booth

  • Non-standard industrial Spray Booth Model: CP-7-6
Non-standard industrial Spray Booth Model: CP-7-6

Non-standard industrial Spray Booth Model: CP-7-6

  • Description: costomized spray paint booth supplier.

Spray booth Model: CP-7-6 Industrial spray booth 

Product feature:

The industrial spray booth is diesigned by workpieces dimension and customers requirements.


Chamber Inside dimension(mm): 7000×6000×5000(L*W*H)

Front door sizemm: 5000*4000(W*H)

Service door size(mm): 2000*800(W*H)

Cabin system:

1. Front door: 4 folded sheet metal formed door

2. Wall panels: 75mm EPS sandwich panel, steel sheet thickness: 0.476mm

3. Ceiling panel: Galvanized steel sheet

4. Basement: Dig two rows pit. Two rows galvanized grids.

5. Glass: 5mm tempered glass

Air make-up system

1. Air inlet fan system2 sets 7.5kw centrifugal fan

2. Exhausted fan system1 set 11kw belt drive centrifugal fan

3. Air inlet capacity:40000m3/h*3

4. Air inlet capacity:40000m3/h*3

5. Exhausted ducting:six meters straight galvanized ducting and two 135 degrees elbows for each exhausted system

Purification system

1. Pre filter : G3 grade, pocket filter

2. Ceiling filter: 600G filter EU5 / F5

3. Floor filter: fiber glass filter

4. Exhausted filter:  pocket carbon filter

Heating system:

1. Heat Ex-changer: SUS 304 180KW stainless heating ex-changer

2. Heating burner: Riello RG5S diesel oil burner

3. heating productivity: 260000Kcal/h*2

4. Spray to baking switch: Pneumatic damper

5. Chimney ducting: 4m straight chimney and one chimney hood for each heating system

6. Maximum temperature: Maximum 80℃

Lighting system:

1. Ceiling lighting: 15Units, each 4 *16.5W LED lamps.

2. Side lights:  12Units, each 4 * 16.5W LED lamps.

3. Illumination: 1000LUX

Controlling system:

Spraying & baking switch, lighting switch, timer , temperature controlling switch, emergency stop, breakdown alarm, failure alarm, pressure gauge

Total Power: 29KW

Electrical Voltage 360-415V,3Phase, 50Hz/200-240V 60Hz, 3Phase




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